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Community Services Foundation is proud to introduce the Honored Society, a new sponsorship opportunity for adults with disabilities. Through this relationship-based sponsorship program, you’ll have the chance to provide both financial support and friendship for one of CTF ILLINOIS’ 34 residential homes throughout the state. We’re accepting both individual and group sponsors, so gather your friends, family, and coworkers–or join us alone!

Each group or donor will be able to handpick the home that they support. We ask for a $3,000 contribution, which will be used to purchase items on the home’s wish list-such as new home furnishings, outdoor grills, and special experiences to sporting events and concert tickets.

From there, you’ll be able to watch your donation at work. Every quarter, you’ll receive letters from the residents with updates on home events–and even an annual party to thank you for your support! Each of our homes have personalities and interests as unique as their residents–below, learn a little more about each of our homes and the amazing men and women who live there. Who knows, there might be one around the corner from you!

For more information, contact Mandi Williams at (708) 429-1260×1263 or mwilliams@csfil.org.

As an Honored Society member you will have the opportunity to choose the home you want to sponsor. As you will see from the home descriptions below, each home is unique. Feel free to choose the home where you can make the most impact.

Central Illinois Homes 
Devonshire (Champaign, IL)
We are seven men and women who love exploring the community, whether it’s going to festivals, concerts, or the park. We also enjoy spending quality time together at home. We’ve been together so many years that we feel like a family: we even have a house dog! We’d love to have some landscaping and lawn furniture for hosting barbecues, too.

4th (Lincoln, IL)
We’re eight men and women (and one cat) who love tinkering with our Pinterest-worthy projects. But we also branch out by attending the awesome concerts in our area and planning barbecues with individuals from the other homes. With some patio furniture and a special table with adjustable height for people in wheelchairs, we can invite even more guests over! We’d also appreciate some art supplies so we can dazzle them with handmade gifts.

Sherman (Lincoln, IL)
We’re eight men and women and not all of us can communicate verbally. More importantly, we’re diehard baseball fans (split between the Cardinals and the Cubs). We don’t let the rivalry drive us apart, though: we love watching love baseball and local football games together. Between games, we also like shopping, eating out, talking to our families, and meeting new people. With assistance for pizza parties, cookouts, and other special outings, we can make even more new friends in our community. When they’re here, we’d also love to be able to show off more wall decorations, new flooring, painted walls, and landscaping.

1100 (Lincoln, IL)
We’re four men in our 30 and 40s known for our intense basketball games in the backyard. Since we can’t play 24/7, we also love watching other games in action and we’d be overjoyed for more tickets to live games. Off the court, we’re probably doing puzzles, playing games, coloring, or hosting family and friends. Some new patio furniture and outdoor games would bring our barbecue game up to our skills on the court.

Hickory (Mattoon, IL)
We’re four men and women with some behavioral needs that require set schedules and more staff attention. Although we each have different interests, including trips to the movies and the zoo, board games, basketball, and music, we still defend each other like brothers and sisters. That said, we’re always down for some friendly competition. So we’re hoping to turn one of our living spaces into a game room with an air hockey table, board games, and a popcorn machine like we see in the movies. Let the games begin!

23rd (Mattoon, IL)
We’re four younger men (or should we say brothers?) living in our own “frat house.” It’s not as wild as the Animal House, but we’re always looking for new adventures, whether it’s making our own clubhouse, shooting hoops, venturing to sports games and concerts, or holding outdoor parties for our friends. We’re not looking to throw any toga parties, but we’d love a fire pit or decorative pond to make our bonfires and parties even better.

Western (Mattoon, IL)
We’re four men and women with a mixed bag of personalities: some of us will chat you up right away, but others take a little longer to warm up. Different as we are, we still cherish our time together. We’re always venturing into town to shop, eat out, and attend festivals. And at home, we enjoy hanging out with our house cats and gardening in the backyard. To make our whole yard as beautiful as our flowers, we’d also love a fire pit, lawn chairs, and porch swing.

Tinsbury (Mattoon, IL)
We’re four men requiring a little more assistance with daily activities and encouragement from staff members. We have higher sensory needs, so we enjoy lower-key activities like listening to music and trips to the park. We’d like some outdoor furniture for relaxing in our backyard as well as some tools to help us further develop our senses.

North (Olney, IL)
We’re five men and women with varying levels of mobility and independence. Two of us use wheelchairs, one uses a walker, and one of us cannot communicate verbally. Although we’re a relaxed house, we love to stay busy by cheering for the Bears and Cardinals, painting and crafting, holding BINGO nights, and more. We’d love a new grill and a swing with a padded seat so we can host get-togethers in our backyard, a Christmas tree with decorations, and tickets to a live Bears game.

Jonathan (Olney, IL)
We’re four men and women living together in Olney. While we’re a mellow group, we also love taking special trips, especially to the pool. At home, we enjoy cheering for the Cardinals or watching Disney, doing arts and crafts, writing letters, and hosting cookouts in our backyard. We’d love a porch swing for our guests to use, a new Christmas tree and lights, or even a trip to the beach!

C (Charleston, IL )
Crafting. Cooking. Competitive card games. We’re eight middle-aged women with busy schedules and big plans for the future! This summer, we’d love to spend more time together in the backyard, so we’d appreciate a fence and a stained deck for the back yard. Some concert tickets would also give us a night we’ll never forget!

Yearling (Charleston, IL)
We’re seven women who need a bit more TLC: two of us have designated staff members and four of us use wheelchairs. Some of our biggest pastimes include watching TV, shopping and eating out, and crafting. To host more events with our friends, we’d love a bigger deck with a large umbrella and table for our backyard. Inside, we’d also like some new cabinets and flooring.

Eastgate (Charleston, IL)
We’re eight women between 30 and 70 years old with a range of abilities and levels of functioning. Some of us older ladies like to keep to ourselves, but the younger ladies like making new friends. We love humming along to oldies, watching TV, playing games, and cooking out in the backyard together. We’d love front patio furniture, an enlarged porch, and a gas grill so we can accommodate more people for our get-togethers. And for our epic movie marathons? An Amazon Fire stick and a Ninja blender would provide good entertainment- and even better refreshments.

12th (Charleston, IL)
We’re three men and one woman, between 30 and 50 years old, who love all things colorful and decorative! We’ve got colorful and busy personalities to match our interests, too. We’re also big on outdoor activities, especially barbecues. We’d love a larger patio and gas grill for our barbecues as well as hardwood flooring for our downstairs area. We’d greatly appreciate sports and concert tickets, too.

Coolidge (Charleston, IL)
We’re eight men with a thirst for competition. When we’re not duking it out on the court or field, we’re probably listening to our favorite teams. But nothing beats the live crowd experience, and we’d appreciate some tickets for the next big game. After our own contests, we always enjoy refueling at our favorite restaurants and relaxing outside. As much as we love the backyard, a swing set and a large deck would give us even more room for our post-game cookouts.

Whitetail (Charleston, IL)
We’re four women living in a quiet but loving home. When we’re not spending time with each other (or our boyfriends), we enjoy chatting on the phone and watching TV together. At home, we’d enjoy a padded porch swing and a larger deck so we can invite more people over. We’re crossing our fingers to see a concert in the city, too.

Douglas (Charleston, IL)
We’re four active men who love playing sports and listening to music. Some concert and sports tickets would give us more opportunities to see these live events in person! While we love getting out in the community, we also want to have our friends and family over at our house more often, so we’d appreciate a basketball hoop and a larger backyard deck, too.

4th (Charleston, IL)
We’re three very active and social men who take every chance to explore Charleston. Some of our hobbies include playing sports, listening to music, walking, and spending time with friends. We’re always looking forward to our next Big Night Out, and some sports, concerts, and other special events tickets would give us even more of these great experiences!

Circle (Charleston, IL)
We’re eight men and women with a little extra personal and sensory needs: for instance, some of us use wheelchairs. At home, we love listening to music and watching Disney movies, but we also enjoy sitting outside and socializing with our neighbors. With new patio furniture and a more accessible, larger back porch, we can host more guests. And with an Amazon Fire stick, we can throw some Oscar-worthy movie nights.

South Suburban Chicago Homes

Tina (Flossmoor, IL)
Whether we’re heading out to sports games, movies, or restaurants, we’re four young men on the go! Even if you find us at home, the action doesn’t stop. We love watching sports and competing at video games together- and we’d love to have a big-screen TV and gaming system to make our showdowns even more intense. But it’s not all fun and games: we could use an upgraded washer and dryer, too.

Neola (Park Forest, IL)
From attending church and volunteering to shopping, eating out, and taking vacations, we’re three men and women who love connecting with our community. But when we’re home, we’re regaling each other with karaoke sessions, busting our moves during dance offs, and cooking with our friends. And although we’re pretty confident in our cooking abilities, a nice grill and patio furniture would take our cooking and hosting skills to the next level.

Hawthorne (Chicago Heights, IL)
Hello from Hawthorne! We’re seven men and women with varied interests and personalities, but we’d all love to make new friends in our town. At home, we enjoy rocking out on our keyboard, working on puzzles, and dancing. When the weather’s nice, we enjoy taking walks and relaxing outside, so we’d love to have a concrete patio, big outdoor swing, and a patio table.

Onarga (Park Forest, IL)
We’re seven middle-aged women who savor life at a slower pace. Most of us have lived together for ten years and we love watching movies, eating out, shopping, and taking vacations together. We’d love a barbecue set, backyard deck repairs, and an outdoor rocking chair so we can spend more summer nights outdoors. But we’d appreciate some assistance for a special trip, too!

Cedar (Crete, IL)
We’re eight middle-aged men who enjoy watching sports, shopping, eating out, and barbecuing together. We’ve lived together for fifteen years and have each put our own personal touches on our rooms. We’d love patio furniture and a barbecue grill for our cookouts, a TV for the biggest games, and some sports tickets to see them live.

Wildwood (Crete, IL)
We’re eight younger and middle-aged men and women who love exploring our local community’s festivals, shops, and restaurants. But we enjoy our staycations to Chicago’s beaches even more! We’d love for someone to give us the experiences that last a lifetime, like more fun in the sun, sports tickets, or a party for our families and friends.

Tiburon: SPONSORED (Crete, IL)
We’re six middle-aged women who treat one another like sisters! When we’re not decorating or crafting at home, we love shopping, eating out, attending community events, and especially exploring Chicago. We’d love assistance for more of those memorable experiences, especially a trip downtown and a party for our family and friends. We’d also appreciate a large group picture to commemorate our time together (and clothes, of course!).

Ithaca (Olympia Fields, IL)
We’re six middle-aged men who love shopping, sampling new restaurants, and watching sports together. We’d love it if we received tickets to see some games live, or a big-screen TV and recliners to recreate the big game day experience at home. We’d also appreciate assistance for taking vacations, joining local clubs, and taking a large group picture to celebrate the memories we’ve created together.

Travers (Chicago Heights, IL)
We’re six middle-aged men looking forward to our next night on the town: we love shopping, eating out, and attending movies together. We like our privacy, but we always come together for home-cooked meals. With a cooking class and some patio furniture, we can cook the classics that keep our guests coming back! We’d also like to see a live sports game, have a nice dinner out, or even take a special vacation, too.

184th (Country Club Hills, IL)
We’re eight men and women who have lived together for more than ten years. So, while we like sticking to our routines and keeping to ourselves, we enjoy lounging in the backyard and dining out together. Some patio furniture, a barbecue set, recliners, and a speaker system would help us have some great get-togethers and dinners at home. And since we have some sensory needs, we’d love some special tools that stimulate our vision, hearing, and touch.

185th (Country Club Hills, IL)
We’re eight independent men who stick to routine, but still love spending time together and trying new things. While we require a little extra assistance, we value our independence and we’re often walking around our town’s parks together. We’d really love to have a nice dinner together as well as a stereo surround system and some special tools to meet our sensory needs.

Kings (Homewood, IL)
We’re eight ladies who love unwinding after a hard day’s work with our shows, magazines, and household chores. We consider ourselves sisters and if we could, we’d probably go out to eat, shop, and get our nails done every day. We also love getting dolled up for dances and going on vacation. But when we’re home, we enjoy hosting cookouts and we’d love a big patio set and grill to fit more of our friends.

Frankfort (Frankfort, IL) 

We’re three independent guys who love to cook for ourselves and have jobs in the community. We love watching sports and playing video games. We love our new home, and we’re especially grateful that we live within walking distance from downtown Frankfort, where we can go to summer concerts.


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