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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding this sponsorship program. Please feel free to contact Mandi Williams, Special Events Coordinator, at (708)429-1260, ext. 1263 or with additional questions.

Q: Who is Community Services Foundation?

A: Community Services Foundation supports nonprofits whose missions are to improve the lifestyle outcomes of people with disabilities living in Illinois. We provide funding for residential supports, program development and enhancement, training for staff, research and grant writing services, fundraising services, and more.


A: CTF is a member agency of Community Services Foundation who provides direct support to people with diverse disabilities. CTF benefits from all funds raised through Community Services Foundation efforts in order to improve the services available for the people we support.

Q:  How much is a home sponsorship?

A: A home sponsorship is $3,000.00 annually.

Q: How long am I committed to a sponsorship?

A: While there are no mandatory time commitments, we are seeking sponsors who are devoted to the relationship-building aspect of this program. Therefore, we do request Honored Society members continue their sponsorship for three years.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to help us raise funds?

A: A great way to raise funds is to host an event at home or in your community:

  • Wine tasting or Barbecue Get Together
  • Sell Raffle tickets to local sporting events
  • Bar Crawl
  • Holiday-themed Party

Q: Can we donate more?

A: Of course! Work with Mandi or your home contact to see what else the home needs.

Q: Can it be a group of people who sponsors the home?

A: Yes, we encourage group support—and, it’s a great way to reach your monetary goal. However, each group will designate someone to be a primary contact to correspond with Community Services Foundation and CTF.

Q: How much of my donation goes directly to the home I support?

A: 100%. Because Honored Society is a program of Community Services Foundation, all aspects of the program are managed by our staff and volunteers, ensuring no cost to CTF or the homes. This way, every single dollar goes directly to the home itself.

Q: Who do I make my donation check payable to?

A: Community Services Foundation. If mailing, please send your check to:

Community Services Foundation
c/o Special Events Coordinator
6775 Prosperi Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Q:  Will I receive verification of my donation?

A:  Yes. Upon receipt of your donation(s), Community Services Foundation will send you a statement via US mail.

Q: If I’m not a primary contact, will I receive a receipt for my personal donation?

A: Yes, the primary contact will coordinate all gift information with our Special Events Coordinator. For example, if a sponsor is a group of 10 and all of them give $300, each member will receive a letter from CSF acknowledging his/her $300 donation.

Q: What is a primary contact?

A: A designated member of your group who will receive membership correspondence. This person will be responsible for relaying the information to the entire group.

Q: Who will be our contact at Community Services Foundation?

A: Mandi Williams, Special Events Coordinator. Feel free to contact her at or (708) 429-1260 x 1263.

Q: Who do we contact regarding specifics about the home?

A: The Community Living Director (CLD) of the home. If you are having difficulty contacting the CLD, please call Mandi.

Q: Can we plan additional activities, events, and outing?

A: Of course! Contact your home’s CLD in order to coordinate additional activities.

Q: How will I receive information about my home?

A: You will be given a website address that will provide you with contact information, tri-annual reports on home happenings, information on how your donations are put to use, and, of course, invites to their parties.


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